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Edge Hill station Sept. 2012

Edge Hill station was opened in 1836 and has been in continuous use ever since. Trains descended to Lime Street by gravity, being rope-hauled by a winding engine back up to Edge Hill. However, this practice soon became redundant.

'METAL Culture' group garden
Arches storerooms
METAL Culture cinema housed in a station building, run by volunteers.
This plaque was unveilled during the visit by Liverpool M.P. Luciana Burger
Edge Hill cutting dug in 1830.
This is a deep sandstone cutting, with three tunnels at the west end. The largest bore, in the centre, was the 2,250-yard Wapping Tunnel, a long incline leading to Wapping Dock and the world's first tunnel to be bored under a metropolis.The goods wagons descended by gravity, but were hauled up by a winding engine. When first opened, it was whitewashed, lit by gas, and used as a promenade by visitors.