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'To Platform 1¾' - ACoRP Winner 2nd Oct 2014

On 2nd October 2014, FofHCS were again ACoRP winners at the annual Awards Ceremony this year at Scarborough Spa. There were seven nominations and we won a Third Award :

















A'timetunnel' back to Victorian times, accessed via 'Platform 1¾', was discovered  by the 'Friends' in June 2014.

This portal is accessed on the half-landing stairs down to platform 2 [to Manchester] when the booking office is open.

Some 'Friends' are actually wizards, earning wands issued by our magic Northern [Hogwarts] Rail TOC.

HTC is a magic station, and the Hogwarts Express, recently boarded  by the Queen on 

Platform 1¾ en route to Hogsmeade station in Scotland, can be heard passing through Royal Heaton Chapel Station on the video.

Here is a short video of the 'Friends' discovering it :

 - this is the ACoRP Winners booklet with photos.

Northern Rail's website also covers HTC winning our annual ACoRP award :